Monday, August 2, 2010

Manitowoc 31000 crawler crane

2300T crawler crane under progress...during my free time...

Manitowoc announces plans for 2,300t crawler for 2010

The Manitowoc 31000 features a new variable-position counterweight system: a hydraulic cylinder pushes out a hinged arm connected to a hanging counterweight tray. Maximum counterweight is 910t.
Maximum extension is 29m (95ft). Main boom is up to 105m long, and fixed jib measures up to 42m. Maximum boom + fixed jib combination is 95+24m. Maximum luffing jib system length is 90+102m. The crane has 40m main boom and picks at 12.5m radius to lift maximum load. The crane crawls on four corner-mounted crawler tracks. The upper is too big to fit on a turntable bearing, so it rotates on a multiple-piece roller path system with 12m diameter. The crane is powered by dual 447kW (600HP) Cummins diesel engines. The crane transports in 85 truck loads and assembles in 10 days...article from crane today.

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