Tuesday, March 13, 2012

demag ac650

197 ft Hyd Boom/315ft luffer and straight jib, straight superlift,1 Sheave 2,646lbs/3 Sheave 3,969lbs/7 Sheave 5,733lbs, Lower engine:61,922km/1,047hrs Upper engine:16,350hrs, tire size:445/80R25, Counterweights:352,000lbs /(14) pc+the primary.
The motor was replaced 400 hours ago in the upper. total hours upper 16,634 as of Nov 2011. Carrier has only 40,000 us miles and 3100 hours. description copy from : http://www.cranenetwork.com/details/Demag/AC-650/160038/bU5xd3/

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