Friday, September 23, 2011

Zoomlion QUY 160

 Crane Description :
1. Outstanding lifting capacity: leading the trade and exceeding your imagination!
2. The control system applied to this type of crane is an electronic management system, which adopts CAN bus technology, has intelligent fault diagnosis function and is equipped with intelligent color display.

3. The pendant plate made of high-strength plate, which has taken the place of traditional wire rope, has the advantages of excellent rigidity, light weight, great load-bearing capacity and low wind drag etc.

4. The crane is equipped with a self-assembly/dismantling system. No auxiliary crane is required for loading, unloading, assembly and dismantling. Full Info...

Download Link : File Format DWG.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Gstarcad 2011 affordable Autocad alternative

GstarCAD 2011 is a milestone version in capability, operability and practicability compared to the previous version of 2010. Its optimized GRX technology, enhanced performance and newly added functions based on global customers' diversified demands offer a productive and profitable feature set:
♦ The Ribbonized user interface brings you much convenience
♦ The substantial function improvement enables you to work more efficiently
♦ The rise of performance makes it easier to get your work done  from :

Gstar cad Price about usd 300 compare to autocad usd 5000

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