Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Perfect Companion for 3D applications

3Dconnexion SpaceNavigator SE (Standard Edition) 3D Navigation Device USB ( 3DX-700028 )

Product Description

From the Manufacturer
Let a 3D mouse empower your Design
A true 3D mouse, SpaceNavigator represents a great leap forward in price and performance for controller technology. Unlike a conventional mouse that confines movement to a flat plane, the SpaceNavigator 3D mouse makes it much easier to control 3D models and scenes. By gently pushing, pulling, tilting or sliding the SpaceNavigator’s pressure sensitive controller cap users simultaneously move objects with six degrees of freedom. By varying the amount of pressure on the cap users can easily accelerate or decelerate actions with precision.
The Perfect Companion for 3D applications.
Unique pressure sensing technology makes the 3D mouse a virtual extension of a user’s body—and the perfect companion for today’s most popular 3D applications, including SolidWorks, Autodesk Inventor, Autodesk 3ds Max, Adobe Photoshop CS3 Extended, ArchiCAD, and many more.

An Indispensable Asset
"I've been a user since 1998. I find your products are an indispensable asset in doing my job easier and quicker and with less repetitive stress. If you work on a CAD system, do yourself a big favour and get one of these products." Dana Fiorucci Senior Design Engineer Why use a SpaceNavigator 3D mouse?
The key advantage of a SpaceNavigator over a mouse and keyboard is the ease of performing intricate adjustments to camera views and models without repeatedly stopping to change direction, zoom, or rotate. With a SpaceNavigator you can do all three at once while simultaneously using the mouse to access commands and tools.

Heavy for precision.
A heavy (479 grams) brushed stainless steel base keeps the SpaceNavigator stationary and provides a stable platform for the spring-mounted pressure sensitive controller cap.

Universal compatibility: Works with all your favorite 3D applications--on Windows, Mac, or Linux.
Affordable precision: Step up to advanced 3D technology--at a price that’s comparable with many 2D mice.
Space saving: The small footprint of SpaceNavigator 3D mouse conserves space. Your work area remains uncluttered, even if you’re also using a conventional mouse.

Product Description
Until now, advanced 3D navigation has been reserved for high-end design professionals. With the introduction of the SpaceNavigator, 3Dconnexion has made this exciting technology accessible and affordable for architects, artists, students and anyone else who wants to enjoy the 3D experience. 3Dconnexion's SpaceNavigator offers natural and intuitive navigation of 3D environments and objects for today's most popular and powerful 3D applications. Simply push, pull, tilt or twist the SpaceNavigator's controller cap to simultaneously pan, zoom and rotate 3D imagery. You'll experience an easy, simple and fun way to fly through 3D environments like Google Earth using 3Dconnexion's award-winning technology. Two programmable keys store your favorite application functions.SpaceNavigator Standard Edition is your ideal companion in the world of 3D navigation devices, for use in a professional environment.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Hydraulic Gantry Lifting System

This system is a mobile, self-propelled, variable height, hydraulic lifting frame. It is primarily controlled from a remote, self contained power module, that is positioned away from the gantries. The gantries are designed to be operated on track.

very useful to install heavy equipment such as gas turbine, generator with weight itsef about 350t if using crane may need capacity about 2000t crawler that give multipler cost. also usually to upright / install press machine.

General Spec.

Lift Capacity:  600 Tons @ 15'4.5"(4.7m) extension  300 Tons @ 28'(8.5m) Full ExtensionTotal Weight:   (Each Leg) 22,500 pounds (1026kg)Reservior Capacity:  330 Gallons (1249 liters)Operating Voltage:  440 VACCurrent Draw:  One Leg-21 Amps, Two Leg-42 Amps Circut Rating:  60 AmpsHorsepower:  15Cylinders:  3 Stage Telescopic

dwg format free to download bellow.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

best place to learn 3d

here is the best place to learn 3d graphics. if there is always time to learn from the experts there will also be there as they can learn 3d studio max, maya, Lightwave, PhotoShop Autodesk Mudbox 2010 Learning Autodesk 3ds Max Design 2010: Essentials: The Official Autodesk 3ds Max Training Guide3 Ds Max 9 Full Version and more. formed to rendering, animation & lighting. hope you are happy with the result that out later.

photo from website 3dtotal

Friday, December 25, 2009

grove gtk1100

crane build for windfield towards renewable energy era or any lifting project. working in limited space with short time.I just found the movie and embed here for shared.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Pdf Split and merge

This software is helping me to consolidate or separate PDF file format. it's great for documenting my work before sending it to customers. very easy to select and remove the file only the consolidated to the place we want. saving need not Adobe Acrobat software to do this just his writing can not be edited in the PDF reader. you can obtain this software free of charge here.
sure your computer has java software to run this software.

Friday, December 11, 2009

General heavy transport vehichle

we rarely see this vehicle on the road, as goods transport operations more weight always done great during the night to avoid traffic disruptions. many used tires depending on weight of goods carried and must follow guidelines for enforcement prevent road damage.
there are various companies producing heavy machinery transport is among the goldhofer, Kamag, scheuler and not forgetting the china 4scm titan, sinotrailer.

Trailer perbagai categories such as:
SPMT = Self propelled modular trailer
often used in the manufacturing platform for transporting oil & gas platform to the barge. all wheels can rotate at up to 360 degrees in place to facilitate the movement is limited.
a wheel axle 2 tires usually have the relatively wide.
SPT = Self propelled trailer
that also use same as above but more appropriate use the road, using the pull-Prime Mover or power pack.
a wheel axle usually have the 4 tires.
Shipyard transporter, low loader, general trailer.

pic show : goldhofer 10 axles.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Crane catalogue collection

want to find the crane catalog, nearby his nearly complete collection for reference work for lifting, may also find I have better than this, please tell and also to share with us. however I hope this website will remain for future reference. to thank who made this compilation. His website address is:

Friday, December 4, 2009

Rough Terrain for limitation working space

CRANE CAPACITY 70,000 kg at 3.0 m
BOOM 5-section, 11.5 m - 44.0m
Overall length approx. 14,075 mm
Overall width approx. 3,315 mm
Overall height approx. 3,800 mm
Gross vehicle mass approx. 48,315 kg
-front axle approx. 24,695 kg
-rear axle approx. 23,620 kg
Max. travelling speed computed 39 km/h
Gradeability(tan ) computed 112 % (at stall)
*30 %
*Machine should be operated within the limit of engine crankcase
design (17˚:MITSUBISHI 6M60-TLU3B).

Tadano website

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Terex Demag 600t Cap - Used as Header

Technical details
Maximum lifting capacity / radius: 600 t / 9 m (660 US-tons / 29ft)
Superstructure engine: DaimlerChrysler OM 502 LA (380 kW / 516 PS / hp)
Track width: 8,4 m (27.6ft)
Pad width: 1,5 / 2,0 m (4.9 / 6.6ft)
Maximum transport width: 3 m (9.8ft)
Maximum counterweight: 160 / 180 t (353,000 / 397,000lbs)
Central ballast: 60 t (133,000lbs)
Superlift counterweight: 300 t (662,000lbs)
Superlift counterweight carrier: 300 t (662,000lbs)
Main boom SH: 24 - 84 m (78 - 276ft)
Main boom SH/LH: 66 - 102 m (216 - 335ft)
Main boom SSL: 36 - 84 m (118 - 276ft)
Main boom SSL/LSL: 90 - 138 m (295 - 453ft)
Fixed fly jib LF: 12 - 36 m (39 - 118ft), max. Kombination / max. combination: 96 + 36 = 132 m (315 + 118 = 433ft)
Fixed fly jib SF: 24 - 84 m (78 - 276ft), max. Kombination / max. combination: 96 + 84 = 180 m (315 + 276 = 591ft)
Luffing fly jib SW: 24 - 84 m (78 - 276ft), max. Kombination / max. combination: 66 + 84 = 150 m (217 + 276 = 493ft)
Luffing fly jib SWSL: 24 - 96 m (79 - 315ft), max. Kombination / Max. combination: 84 + 96 = 180 m (276 + 315 = 591ft)

Sunday, November 15, 2009

serif draw

This software is very useful for me. im able to created stunning graphic image. very easy to use if compare to other software as using autocad vs revit, and capable to convert pdf file to dwg files


DrawPlus X3 is your one-stop-shop for creative fun, realistic painting, professional logos, stunning interactive Flash® animations, layouts and plans, business diagrams and much more. With an abundance of impressive artistic power and a stack of exciting new features, DrawPlus X3 has something for everyone – from students to home users and business professionals, novices to enthusiasts and experienced artists!
DrawPlus X3 is great for drawing and painting:
Easily draw or paint anything using the on-screen help & tips
Unlimited creative freedom with realistic brushes and special effects
Flexible designing including PDF editing, image autotrace, and key frame & stop animation
Excellent compatibility with Adobe Illustrator files, EPS files, and CAD graphics files
Share your designs, hints & tips with other designers on
Simplify complicated drawings by working in Solo Mode

Thursday, November 12, 2009

55T Crawler crane


Drawing detail - simple but as crane dimension.


Model: 7055

Capacity: 55ton

Year of made: 2002

Main boom: 9.1m-51.8m

Fixed jib: 42.7m+12.2m, 39.6m+18.3

Max counter weight: 56.7 ton

Max transport weight: 40.2 ton

Place of Origin: Made in Japan

File format dwg. free download.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

ltm 1500 liebherr is my first Posting

General Crane spec.

LIEBHERR LTM 1500 1999 500 Ton All Terrain Mobile Crane:
Model: LTM 1500
Year: 1999Capacity: 500 TonInstalled Boom: 50 metersAdditional Boom: 84 meters
Jib: 91 meters luffingSUPERLIFT
Carrier Engine: LIEBHERR D9408 TI-E A4, 440kW
Superstructure Engine: LIEBHERR D926 TI-E A4, 240kWTransmission: Allison automaticDrive/Steer: 16x8x12Left-hand drive
Hours: 3,697 and 5,236 h
Kilometers: 75,683 KmTires: 16.00R25
TELMAWinch: 3
Hooks: 171 Ton and 30 TonAdditional 300 liters tankGuide telescopic boomCounterweight: 135 Ton

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