Friday, December 11, 2009

General heavy transport vehichle

we rarely see this vehicle on the road, as goods transport operations more weight always done great during the night to avoid traffic disruptions. many used tires depending on weight of goods carried and must follow guidelines for enforcement prevent road damage.
there are various companies producing heavy machinery transport is among the goldhofer, Kamag, scheuler and not forgetting the china 4scm titan, sinotrailer.

Trailer perbagai categories such as:
SPMT = Self propelled modular trailer
often used in the manufacturing platform for transporting oil & gas platform to the barge. all wheels can rotate at up to 360 degrees in place to facilitate the movement is limited.
a wheel axle 2 tires usually have the relatively wide.
SPT = Self propelled trailer
that also use same as above but more appropriate use the road, using the pull-Prime Mover or power pack.
a wheel axle usually have the 4 tires.
Shipyard transporter, low loader, general trailer.

pic show : goldhofer 10 axles.

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